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EvolveGS - Integrating your Document Management System with your PLM

Just think about the amount of time your engineering team member spent locating files associated with a part or component, your SOR, BOM, Customer Documents/Specs, Best Practices, Simulations, FMEA’s, DVP, perhaps you have this under control and they already use a file share with all these documents, now imagine all the knowledge generated by all other team members, Logistics, Quality Control, Manufacturing, Other; the proposal here is to integrate all your generated knowledge and access it straight from the PLM you use and levering the tools your team members are already familiar like the filesystem, SharePoint, teams, all this while associating the PLM properties to all the documents, and when you move from your PLM to your ERP, from your engineering to manufacturing your files move with you. I’m going to dive straight into the benefits:

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

·       Efficiency: Integration eliminates the need for manual document handling and data entry between systems. Documents will be automatically linked to relevant PLM processes, reducing time spent searching and improving overall workflow efficiency.

·       Faster Access to Information: team members can easily find the documents they need within the PLM system, reducing wasted time and delays in decision-making.

Enhanced Collaboration

·       Centralized Document Repository: A single source of truth for all documents improves collaboration across departments. Everyone has access to the latest versions of documents, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

·       Automated Workflows: Documents can be automatically routed for approval or further action, streamlining collaboration and speeding up processes.

Reduced Costs and Errors:

·       Eliminates Duplicate Data Entry: Integration ensures data consistency between systems, reducing errors and the need for manual data entry.

·       Improved Document Security: SharePoint features access controls and version control, ensuring only authorized users can access documents and that changes are tracked.

Better Compliance:

·       Easier Document Retention: document management helps organizations meet regulatory requirements for document retention by providing a secure and auditable way to store documents.

·       Improved Audit Trails: Integration creates a clear audit trail for documents, making it easier to track activity and ensure compliance. It can support all your compliance requirements related to IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 26262, SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR.


Capabilities, SharePoint -  file storage, workflow management, business process transformation, document approval workflows, notifications, AI, smart document indexing, analytics, mobile access, security and compliance, Integration with Microsoft 365 (Teams, OneDrive, PowerBI, Outlook).

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